Defnyddio'r wefan

(angen cyfieithu'r isod)

You can find information within the Medrwn Môn website by navigating the site in a number of ways:

At the top of your screen

A | A | A - The 3 A's enables you to enlarge the font size for most of the information on the screen. Use this to choose the most comfortable font size to suit you.

Home - clicking on the home link, at the top of each page will always return you to the site's home page.

Site Map - links quickly to a page containing a complete list of all visible, public pages within the  website structure with links to each of the pages.

Language toggle - the toggle enables you to swap instantly between the equivalent Welsh and English pages. A useful tool if you are learning Welsh and not quite sure of the meaning of a particular word or phrase.

In the middle section

Main navigation bar -  The blue bar with white text beneath the green 'banner' - click on any of the choices here to reach the first page of each of the main sections of the website.

Breadcrumb Trail (above the main title on each page) - enables you to see the path you have taken to reach your current page and the link to the pages if you wish.

Left hand navigation - shows second and third level pages for each main area of the website.

Right hand side -  on some pages, but not all, we will highlight items of note or special events in this space

Links - Many pages have links to related content pages within the Medrwn Môn website or to relevant external websites. These links appear underlined but once you have visited them, they will be coloured green, indicating that you have already visited them.

At the bottom of your screeen

Contact Us (in the footer section at the bottom of your screen) provides you with all the details of how to contact Medrwn Môn.

Help (in the footer section) - links to this page


Ffôn 01248 724944  Ffacs 01248 750149 - Gwadiad | Cysylltwch â ni | Help

Rhif Cofrestredig y Cwmni: 4197934  Rhif Elusen 1088828

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